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GIT & Platform
What is Great India Talent / GIT?

Great India Talent/ GIT is student’s engagement event and activities to explore and showcase their talent in the field of performing art, fine arts etc. The program is organized by Bloom CAP organization for students from class 1st to 12th.

What are the advantages of Great India Talent programs?

Great India Talent gives a great platform to students to participate in extracurricular activities and engage them effectively. It also helps them recognize and showcase their talent at National level. Also, they can get a chance to win exciting prizes and recognition.

What are the Activities those are covered in GIT or Online Talent Show Via Bloom CAP Platform?

GIT covers activities like, Quizzes, Performing and Creative Arts like, Dance, Singing, Music, Drawing, Painting, etc. and events related to Life Skills.

Is there any Segmentation of Contest?

Yes, the events are segmented into Age Groups or Class Groups and different activities.

Participation Procedure
Where I can register for the event?

You can register yourself for the even via link given below:
Click Here

How can I share My Entry for Event?

You can send your Entry at bloomtalenthunt@gmail.com or WhatsApp at +91-9870227585

Can One Person Apply to Multiple Event?

Yes, one person can participate in all our GIT events according to the event guidelines. However, participation in single activity is allowed per event.

How many Videos / Photos needs to be shared?

A. Based on event guidelines, generally two pics or one video of 2-3 minutes.

Can I share Video or Photo for Event on behalf of my friend or relative?

A. No, only registered candidates can share the videos or photos. However, Parents can help younger kids in managing the same.

Is there any issue like copyright?

As per Bloom CAP’s Privacy Policy these Videos are not being used for any Commercial Purpose, if you have used any copyrighted material like videos, music and Photos, it’s possible that your entries might be invalid and not be selected.

Selection Process
What are the Selection and Winning Criteria?

Selection and Winning Criteria are posted along with event details on our Social Media. In general Video and Audio Quality, Effort and Content is the main criteria.

What happens after my Entry is Selected?

A. Once your entry is selected, it is further considered for the final round from which the Winners and Consolation Awards are selected. Evert entry that is posted online gets an E-Certificate of Appreciation.

If my entry doesn’t get selected will I get my money refunded?


Result Declaration
Who declares the Final Result?

A panel of Jury declares the Final Result at Bloom CAP.

Who are the Jury Members?

The Jury Panel consists of Experienced Trainers in the specific field the event is being conducted.

How long it takes after event for result declaration?

The result is declared within 3-5 days after the event closure.

How will I get to know My Rank?

In case you secure a position in the event, our team will contact you on your registered phone number to inform you the same.

Can I Challenge or Re- Evaluate the Decision by Bloom Jury

No, Jury’s decision is binding and final.

Awards, Prizes & Recognition
What are the Awards & Recognition?

Awards are given in form of Certificates, Trophies, Cash Rewards and Gifts. Every contest has different prizes which are announced before the event.

How much is the Prize Money?

Prize money varies from event to event. For Prize Money, Gifts and Awards details please refer to the Event Detail Page.

How the Prize Money or Awards will be sent to us?

Prize Money is transferred to Bank Accounts and Gifts are delivered through courier.

If my entry doesn’t get selected will I get Participation Certificate?

Yes, participant will get an E- Certificate on your email registered with us.


How can I register for Quiz? Is there any registration Fee?

We provide a registration link to participate in Quiz.
Registration link : http://www.bloomcap.org/quiz.
No, there is NO registration fee.

Is it necessary to change the username of my account?

Yes, it is necessary to change the username of your account. Only those Participants who have “Changed their Username” will be eligible for Awards, Rewards & Certificates.

How can I change my username?
If you are an Android User, follow the steps to change the username:

Step 1: Go to Telegram App
Step 2: Click on the Menu button on the top left corner of the app
Step 3: Click on the Username to change it.

If you are an iOS User, follow the steps to change the username:

Step 1: Go to Telegram App
Step 2: Click on the settings button on the bottom right corner of the app
Step 3: Click on the Username to change it

Where will you conduct the Quiz?

The quiz is conducted on our Telegram Application in Bloom Quiz Master Group.

How can I join the group?

You can either search our group on Telegram by the name “Bloom Quiz Master” or you can click the link “https://t.me/bloomquizmaster” and join the group.

Will cash prize be provided to winners?

There are different awards and recognitions procedure for every quiz event and winners are awarded accordingly.

Will you provide certificates to the participants?

Yes, e-certificates are provided to top 10 participants in each group after verification.

What we have to do after joining the group?

After joining the group, you will be notified regarding all information like Schedule, Guidelines, Awards and Recognitions. You need to keep an close eye on our daily related posts.

On what basis winners are selected?

Winners are selected on the basis of maximum correct answers and the minimum time taken to answer the question.

If I have participated in the previous Quiz, do I need to register again?

No, you don’t need to register again. You can participate in all quizzes with the same Contestant ID.


How much does this course cost?

The cost of 21 st Century Skills Course is Rs. 600/- Only.

How can I buy the course?

You can purchase the course from our website by clicking on the link provided below:

What kind of benefits will I get from this course?

21st Century is all about unleashing human potential, as a student you need to cover a lot, from syllabus to other things. This course increases your Confidence, Creativity, Thinking and Reasoning Skills in any unknown and new situations. Also helps with your current ongoing academic session.

How many Free Live classes will I get before enrolling for the course?

You will get 1 Trail Class of 1 hour before you get to enrol for the course.

Can I download the courses and watch them offline later?

No, you cannot download the course for offline purpose; the class will be conducted on the Zoom Application.

What are the payment methods available?

You can make payment with Credit/ Debit Cards, Net Banking and via Paytm, PhonePe, Google Pay etc.

Will I get a refund if I cancel my subscription after few classes?

Fee of the course is non refundable. Even if you cancel the subscription after few classes the payment will not be refunded.

How the timings will be informed and will I be notified for them?

An Email will be send to you on your email address regarding your class and timings along with the Zoom Link for joining the class.

How 21st Century Skills Course different from other learning platforms?

This is the only course which covers the all 4Cs of 21st Century Skills.

How can I track my child’s progress?

Firstly, separate forms will be provided to parents before enrolling for the course and after the final session where they can track their child’s progress. Secondly, in the last session parents will also be involved, where students will be performing in front of them. From which they can evaluate and check their progess.

Will there be any doubt clearing sessions?

Yes, there will be 10mins doubt clearing class before the commencement of every session. In case any student has more doubts then a special doubt clearing class will be planned and students will be notified accordingly.

Still not sure where to start?

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